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Sweet n Sassy cakes

Not only will your custom cake look amazing, it will taste amazing as well.

If you don't find what you are looking for here then lets us create a tailored cake for your event... Go like our Facebook page!

Izzycakes custom cakes

Doc McStuffins cake before the figurine

Mardi Gras theme cake

Mardi Gras theme cake. Edible mask and feather.. All hand painted..

3 tier cheetah print /rosette cake

pink cheetah print and tiffany blue rosettes and a bottom layer of pink rosettes to match the cheetah print.

Team Oomi Zoomi Cake

Princess Cake

10in &8in Cinderella Cake in pink with edible tiara

Princess cake

10in &8in Princess cake inspired by the Beauty and the Beast

Princess Cake

10in Girly Princess theme cake with tiara

Sofia the 1st cake

9in base, 6in tier handmade tiara is edible

Giraffe Cake

10in cake with giraffe and hand sculpted tiara for a 1st Birthday. Would also make a nice baby shower cake

Glamour Cube Cake

Purple cube. custom airbrushed 2 tones and hand painted animal print in metallic silver. The number was hand sculpted and painted to match the cake as well. The cake is covered in a desirable yummy handmade marshmallow fondant.

Pink ombre rosette cake

10in round, 2 layers

8in cake with 6in zebra stripe tier

Custom hand sewn Tu-tu .Edible decorations

10in Round 1 Direction cake

Edible decorations ,custom lollipops with band members

Anniversary Heart cake

Minnie Mouse cake

Minnie Mouse cake

10in Base with 6in tier

Mini Mouse theme cake

10in cake with an8in tier, each tier is 3 layers of cake

Mini Mouse hat cake

in cake ,with 6in hat tier

Minnie Mouse theme cake

8in base cake, 6in top tier with smash cake

Minnie Mouse hat cake

8in base cake with 2 layers and a 6in hat tier with Minnie ears and Bow

Minnie Mouse Theme cake

Luau cake that actually Erupts!

4 tiers of cake

My Lil Pony cake

Yo Gabba Gabba

Edible figurines, 8in cake with 6in tier


6in 2 layer cake,

Elmo's World cake

10in,8in, with 6in custom fish bowl all edible decorations are hand sculpted

Texans Glam Cake with cupcakes

12 in cake 2 layers

Neoteric Modern cake

Hot pink with gold accents, 8inCake with 6in tier, each tier is 3layers of cake

Bee cake

Mac Make up cake

Zeba Print

Strawberry Shortcake Themed

10in base with 8in tier shaped into a cake slice

21st Birthday Cake

Chronicles of Narnia Book cake

This cake can be made from any book or fairytale you desire.. The cover and binding are made from our handmade marshmallow fondant. the Lions mane was hand drawn as well as the Title of the book. We'd love to create another Book cake! What is you/ or your child's favorite book??

Peach Rosette cake

The is a Rosette cake that is great to match your Thanksgiving holiday theme! We.d love to deliver this with some matching cupcakes with Ivory and chocolate rosettes on top.

Tiffany Box Cake

Customer come in had a private decorating lesson and this is the cake she created for her daughter. We loved being able to help her with this cake.

Doc McStuffins theme cake

All the decorations are hand sculpted and edible. Made from our custom marshmallow fondant.

Doc Mc Stuffins themed Cake

Hot pink cake gold cheetah print

MAC makeup cake

tiffany blue MAC cake with quilting and all edible decorations made from Marshmallow. the inside is Vanilla cake colored pink per the customers request.

Hand sculpted MAC make up toppers

Made from out yummy hand made marshmallow fondant.Hand sculpted MAC make up toppers

Made from out yummy hand made marshmallow fondant.

Our hand sculpted bow

Fondant bow hand painted cheetah print

MAC make up cake

Izzycakes MAC make up cake all edible decorations

Textured Buttercream Birthday cake

8in 3 layer cake with strawberry filling

Smash Cakes for Twins

Thing 1 & Thing 2 6in Personal smash cakes for twins

Dr. Suess's Thing 1 & Think 2 cake

Thing 1 & Thing 2 cake hand sculpted edible figurines.

Yo Gabba Gabba cake

Yo Gabba Gabba cake with hand sculpted Brobee cake topper

His & Her birthday cake

Formal Birthday cake

French Ribbon Cake

Buttercream only cake done in a popular french ribbon technique, with a fondant name plaque and flower

Mardi gras Cake

Animal Print Baby shower cake

Pink Cheetah Print/ pink zebra print

Pink Giraffe Baby Shower Cake

Pink Giraffe Baby Shower Cake 2 tier, 8in base cake with 6in top tier

Bear baby shower cake

Ombre rosette cake in electric blue

The Artist Prince cake

Neon Splatter Cake

8in Neon Splatter cake, rainbow colors inside

Inside of neon splatter cake

23k Gold Rosette Cake

Gold Rosettes with textured cream cheese icing 10in base with a 8in tier serves up to 50

Sheet Cake

Queen Elsa Cake. Hand carved Elsa

Nail Polish Glam Cake

Each cake is 3+ layers,

"Turn Up" cake must be 18 or older

10in cake multicolored with animal print. Colorful lips with diamond grills.

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Circus Theme

With Sculpted animal toppers

French Ribbons

Buttercream 3 layer cake

MAC Make up cake

My lil Pony cake

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

Hand sculpted figures

Frozen Theme Cake

Snow Flakes and trees made from chocolate, Edible olaf. Handmade fondant Cake

Baby Shower Cake

Zebra Print Party Cake

Owl Theme cake

serves 20

High tech Cake

Computer cake with apps and laptop