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Izzycakes Cupcakes

At our store location you can stop by and pick from a variety of flavors to treat your sweet tooth. Our cupcakes are made from Scratch using the finest ingredients and fresh fruits or handmade candies. You can also custom order cupcake toppers designed to your theme. Custom orders are paid in advance and will need 7 days notice. 

Party Flavors




Butter cake

Red Velvet

Gourmet Cupcake Flavors

Atomic Fireball

Mango Carrot Cake

Chocolate Caramel Toffee

Chocolate Covered Banana

French Toast

Cookies N Cream

The Hawaiian

Cherry Bomb

Wedding cake

Rasberry Lemonade

Strawberry Cheesecake

German Chocolate

(NEW) Mint Chocolate Chip

Atomic Fireball Cupcakes

If there was ever a cupcake with an attitude, this was it. The cake is moist with that familiar cinnamin fireball taste. But watch out for the icing! it has some kick! its a bit hot. Then we top if off with a familiar favorite Atomic Fireball candy. Can you handle it?

French Toast Cupcake

My all time fav breakfast growing up, so I had to make it into a cupcake. And so the french Toast cupcakes was born. It has a streusel topping then iced with cream cheese. And garnished with a slice of strawberry and bananna

Chocolate caramel Toffee and our Mango carrot cake and whats left of the Straberry cheese cake cupcake. They are so delicious!

Chocolate Caramel Toffee with a caramel filling oozing gooey sweetness.. the Mango carrot Cake is made with mango juices with carrots and Raisins topped with our homemade mango cream cheese with a hint of cinnamin then garnished with a piece of carrot.

The Hawaiian

Izzycakes version of the Pineapple upside down cake. A buttery cake with chunks of Pineapples and cherries. Topped with a swirl of cherry flavored cream cheese and garnished with a cherry and pineapple slice. Perfect for your next Luau.

Citrus glazed Cupcakes

made with real lemon ,oranges and a hint of lime. Perfect for your summer outing. Iced with a lemon/orange infused glaze

Flirty girly cupcakes

Custom toppers featuring: nail polish, handbags, lip sticks, Boustiers High Heels and handmade edible gems.

Victoria Secret Themed Cupcakes

Custom edibles toppers in the Victoria Secret style, in Laser cut wrappers

Monster High Cupcakes

Custom toppers in the Monster High theme

Inside snow cone cupcakes

multicolored cupcakes look like snowcones on the inside

Snow cone cupcakes before decoration

Snowcone cupcakes
See Optional Product page for stands to hold these

Popcorn cupcakes

Cupcake decorated with marshmallows perfect for those move themed parties

Popcorn Cupcakes

Great for Movie themed Parties

Hellow Kitty cupcakes

Fathers Day Cupcakes

Valentines Day cupcakes

Southern Belle Cupcakes

cinnamon flavored spice cake with appricots and cream cheese filling toped with a cinnamon spiced buttercream

Angry Bird Cupcakes

Decorated with Marshmallow Fondant Its very soft and tastes Fabulous $6/ea

Buttercream Rosette Cupcakes

Pink Swirled $4/ea

"Jungle Fever"

Last but not least, Butter cake with a chocolate center, topped with a light chocolate icing

Princess theme

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse toppers

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse toppers

The Avengers

Popcorn cupcakes

butter cake cupcakes with narshmallows made to look like popcorn (no real popcorn used) $6/ea

Lemon Zest Cupcakes

Citrus Glazed Cupcakes


Bacon Egg and cheese cupcakes. Great for brunch or office parties or meetings.

Pac Man cupcakes

80's theme Pac man toppers

High heel cupcakes

Frozen Themed cupcakes

Cupcakes from the Movie Frozen

Team Uni Zoomie

Angry Bird